Is TEAL the new blue?

06 Mar Is TEAL the new blue?


The colour blue made its attendance in interior design first. All kinds of shades. From pastels and denim colours to dark navies. Then there was a hint of yellow. This added a whole new range of mint and turquoise colours.

Teal is a step bolder! Keep it simple. I just painted one statement wall dividing my kitchen area from my living space. Added some hanging succulents in fresh white flowerpots and the whole room had a brand new feel. Besides fresh white, teal also goes rather well with either a bright yellow or soft pink.

I get inspired by all sorts of brands. Have a look at Iittala their beautiful design objects. Marni incorporated teal for their Trunk bag. And check out this exquisite lady photographed at New York Fashion Week by Simon Chetrit. But most off all visit the website of Maison Sarah Lavoine in Paris.

It is apparent we share the same love.








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